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Oh No! You don’t have seats together for your domestic or long direct international flight? You don't like the seat assigned to you by the airline? You want to be closer to the front of the plane to deplane faster? You just want to swap your seat because you can?

Don't Worry! SeatSwappr is a peer to peer seat exchange where you can negotiate a seat swap with other passengers prior to boarding. We hope to eliminate the pre-boarding anxiety of asking fellow passengers to swap seats.

How it Works


Passengers who don’t mind swapping will first post their seats for sale on SeatSwappr


Passengers looking for a better seat search for the desired seat(s) for swap on their flight


If you find a seat you want, start the conversation. Send the passenger a request to swap seats


After the swap details are determined, simply swap seats after boarding with your original boarding pass.

Our Team


What do you think? Please let us know if you have question or any suggestions to make SeatSwappr even better. We would love to hear from you. SeatSwappr base:

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